Security by Innovation with Restricted and Individually Numbered Traceable Key, Master Key Systems.

Complete peace of mind,….by being a customer, client or business partner of Integrated Lock Systems Australia.

We are Master Locksmiths with thirty (30) years experience as designers and installers of large or complex restricted and traceable restricted master key locking systems,
for the security conscious Australian corporate business and government entities.

We are also service providers for a large sector of Country Energy’s extensive master key locking systems.

Contact us for information how to obtain additional meter box padlocks, keys and special meter room locks or lock cylinders that are part of our meter access systems.

Servicing remote businesses, properties and clients is part of our normal function. Communicate your concerns or problem to us and we give you prompt attention and assist you with any necessary action.

Please note:
We have relocated Integrated Lock Systems Australia Pty Ltd from our Brookvale, Sydney location to the above business address at West End, South Brisbane, Queensland.

P.O. Box 1525,
Cleveland Qld 4163

Whilst we still maintain some other Sydney business interests, we do not believe the Head Office and business relocation to Brisbane will have any form of detrimental effect on the supply of goods and services to our clientele.